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The Food Critics

Doc is a great guy that will eat almost anything (including slippers, toys, sticks...).  It will be a strong statement, if we ever find a treat that Doc doesn't like.  
Brawn is a an energetic kind boy.  He enjoys living a fast-paced life.  Brawn enjoys most treats, but he definitely let's us know which ones are the yummiest.
Foxy is a sweet gal that is an extremely finicky eater.  She only eats when it's convenient and typically ignores treats.  So far, we haven't found a Grrr8 Dog Treat that she doesn't like!
Simba loves treats of all kinds.  Unfortunately due to food allergies has to be finicky about getting treats that are ALL NATURAL or else she will itch and itch.  Simba's mom tells us that, "Grrr8Dog Treats" have been  the perfect solution for this Fresno Pooch.
Shooter is a Montana dog who had a tough start in his short life being plagued with an assortment of illnesses.  Although Shooter is about 90% recovered, he still suffers from Inflammable Bowel Disease. This Labradoodle must have a diet that is 100% non allergenic.  With Grrr8Dog Treats, Shooter now enjoys treats with his K-9 brother and sister.
Riley, a loving boxer  and Mocha, a sweet Chi/boston terrier are dedicated "Grrr8Dog Treat"  taste testers.  Riley has a sensitive digestive system and tells us which treats are gentle for his tummy.
Oz ia a minature Austrailian Shepard from Spokane Washington.  He loves competing in agility courses and is always awarded with Grrr8 Dog Treats.