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I am a 4-year-old Golden Retriever. My dad Mark is a Veterinarian and my full brother was a favorite patient at Mark's clinic, so when Mark was ready for a dog, he had the unbelievable luck of getting ME!! 😀 
By instinct, I am a bird hunting machine; I have even brought mom a live grouse and dropped it at her feet one morning during my run. Mom(not a bird hunter)...released the traumatized bird; I was so disappointed in her.! 
They made the mistake of buying a laser light to tease the cat...It backfired on them, as I now insist that they run the laser for me to chase every.single.night. So fun! Speaking of the cat, I grew up with mom and dad’s calico; even though she's put the stop to me carrying her around by a limb and swimming in the ditch, it is common to see us playing or cuddled together, one of us giving the other a spot-cleaning. 
If I’m not hunting with Mark, playing with the neighbor dogs (or the cat), on my daily run, or helping keep the bunnies out of the yard, I want to be cuddled and loved. I’m currently on my feet making sure Mom doesn’t sneak away without me! And, although I don’t get them nearly enough, I LOVE my Grrrr8 Dog Treats!

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Grrr8 Dog of the Month
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